Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26, 2007: A Cast-Off From My Past... Relic Or Refuse?

April 25, 2007: Yes, THIS Is Why I Must Stay Alive

April 24, 2007: Big Problem

April 23, 2007: Change As Needed

April 22, 2007: My Copy

April 21, 2007: Suddenly Several Hours Are Gone

April 20, 2007: I Have Just The Place For This!

April 19, 2007: Dot And Thumbnail

April 18, 2007: A Recent Addiction

April 17, 2007: Look! Up In The Sky!

April 16, 2007: More Prepared Than I've Ever Been

April 15, 2007: Lilies And Light

April 14, 2007: An Even Better Example Of "Jesus Clouds"

April 13, 2007: It's Like "Friday The 13th" In That You Know It Ain't Over Even When It's Over

Thursday, April 12, 2007

April 12, 2007: "When I Myself Am Dead, God Forbid, I Hope Some Wag Will Say About Me, "He's Up In Heaven Now.""--Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

April 11, 2007: I Win!

April 10, 2007: I Took It, Looked At It, And Thought, "This Sums Up My Day". Read Into It What You Will.

April 9, 2007: Off My Back, In The Basket, In The Machine, In The Dryer, On A Hanger

April 8, 2007: Easter Remains

April 7, 2007: Catching Up With Very Light Reading Early In The Morning

April 6, 2007: Like The Pic From Two Weeks Before, But This Is A Little Lighter

April 5, 2007: The Culprit

April 4, 2007: Bad April Advice (But It Was Easier Than Making A Rectangle)

April 3, 2007: Stocking Up For The Off Chance I Get An Idea